X2 Football 2010

X2 Football 2010 Lite 3.0

Realistic soccer sim for iPhone


  • Excellent graphics and animations
  • Comfortable, natural control system
  • Superb sound effects and commentary
  • Wide selection of teams, with real player names


  • Very limited Lite version


X2 Football 2010 is the latest installment in the popular iPhone soccer game series - and it's better than ever!

Just like Pro Evolution Soccer did on consoles and home computers, X2 Football has gained cult status among iPhone gamers. In fact, the game even looks and feels a lot like Pro Evoltion Soccer, only a little scaled back, of course.

The control system in X2 Football 2010 will feel very comfortable and familiar for anyone who has played a football game on their console. On the left of the screen is an analog 'stick' which controls the movement of the players, and which houses a skill move that can be activated by double-tapping the stick. On the right of the X2 Football 2010 screen are a series of three buttons for passing, shooting, lobbing, tackling, changing player, etc. The actions of the buttons depend on whether you are attacking or defending. It doesn't take long to get used to the controls, but there's plenty of help within the game if you get stuck.

The graphics and animation in X2 Football 2010 are polished and the game physics are impressively realistic. The sound effects and commentary have been lovingly implemented too, making for an absorbing and enjoyable football experience. I also love the fact that all the teams in X2 Football 2010 have real player names and authentic kits. There's a decent selection of international sides to choose from and X2 Football 2010 now includes loads of club teams, something that was missing in the previous version.

This Lite version of X2 Football 2010 is frustratingly limited, only allowing you to play in training mode or take part in a penalty shootout. Nevertheless X2 Football 2010 gives you a good chance to try out all the moves and get used to the gameplay.

Expecting an iPhone soccer sim to play like a FIFA or a Pro Evo is asking a bit much I guess, but X2 Football 2010 comes very close to getting it right. It's certainly more playable than FIFA 10 for iPhone, anyway.

On the whole, X2 Football 2010 is a highly enjoyable soccer game for iPhone. Just be warned, this Lite version is ultra light.

X2 Football 2010


X2 Football 2010 Lite 3.0

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